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Prime Numbers

Started by Dingo, May 09, 2009, 02:52:57 AM

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OOh nice one Dingo!
Congrats  :bravo

Mick Lindsay


 :congrats01 Dingo and +1  :congrats :congrats :congrats

Wow that is a pretty decent Mega Prime to find, must be your turn for a bit of luck with Prime Finding at PG.  :BigGrin

 AA 24 - 53 participant

Mike Mitchell

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I found a small Prime but they all count.  Have been trying for big ones lately that take a long time.byt still do a few small ones.

Dear Primefinder,

Congratulations! Our records indicate that a computer registered by you has found a unique prime number. This computer is assigned to the PPS (LLR). Since candidates on this subproject are not large enough to report to the Top 5000 Primes List, your prime is visible immediately.

Workunit 830141454 : 7069*2^1715314+1 (516365 digits)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will surely resolve any problems.

Once again, congratulations on your find! Thank you for participating in PrimeGrid.

The PrimeGrid Staff

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My Luck Prime 1,056,356 digits.

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Mick Lindsay

 :congrats01 On the new prime Dingo

Cruncher Pete

Small all large, they all count. Well done Dingo.  :bravo


 :congrats01 Dingo on another prime,  :congrats  :congrats  :congrats

 AA 24 - 53 participant


Congratulations Dingo!