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Started by Daniel, October 25, 2019, 08:58:25 PM

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Wow, I remember this project.

I started doing this project a really long time ago, probably around the same time I started SETI@home, maybe earlier, I don't remember exactly.
Only problem is I don't remember my username or password and I also now have a different email address.

Another old project I used to do before BOINC is ...

Nowadays you can do work via yoyo@home and Moo! Wrapper.


Yes very old and I could not use Dingo because I already used it but my email changed and can't change my password which I forgot.

The work takes days which I forgot so I have two tasks running on 8 cores each and both are estimated at 5 Days 9 Hours and 7 minues and have beeb running over 5 hours.  I will let them run to the end so the Team has some credit.  I would not recommend this to anyone unless they have a machine that they don't want to use BOINC on.

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Have a look at the BOINC@AUSTRALIA Facebook Page and join and also the Twitter Page.

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I rejoined this project earlier this month.
Today I finally finished my first workunit - which I started about 3 weeks ago.

I was also running some BOINC workunits at the same time, so it wasn't using 100% of my CPU, but still a very long running task.
They have different types of tasks, and I now have 2 shorter "Trial Factoring" tasks.