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never ending tasks and website issue

Started by shift, July 12, 2021, 08:54:50 AM

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Anyone had runaway tasks that go forever? I saw one go for 21 hours before I realised and aborted it, another two for 10 hours before I suspended them.

Also, anyone else unable to use the Gaia website? It opens but I can't click on anything. Maybe it is a security feature from chrome?


Hi shift,

Yes, I'm having the same problems.

Yesterday I had quite a few tasks that ended in computation errors and one that I aborted after about 11 hours.

I'm using Firefox and the links on their website aren't working for me either.


Thanks Daniel. At least it isn't just me.


I noticed that the links on the Gaia@home website are working now.  :thumbsup:


Glad they figured it out and fixed it.