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Einstein Hardware

Started by chooka03, May 19, 2023, 04:06:41 PM

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Doesn't appear that we have a hardware thread for Einstein@Home!  :wiggle:

Post what you like about hardware here basically.

Well,I can start by saying that a 4070Ti in exactly as fast as a 3070Ti when crunching 3 tasks. (In terms of daily credits) The 4070Ti... well I don't know what's going on there. The times are ranging from 194sec - 540sec. That can't be right.  The CPU time is also 500 seconds vs around 80-150 depending on the CPU. Odd.

Radeon VII is around 315sec x 3wu's. (For my cards anyway)

I see Tim B... has pulled out the BIG guns with a couple of 7900XTX's!  :cheer1:  Man those things are FAST! 2Mil/day!  :faint:  Awesome!

Good to see AMD keeping the dream alive for Einstein.

The 4070Ti is AWESOME around power efficiency! I'm really impressed. Crunching 3 x wu/s each -
4070Ti = 165W
3070Ti = 285W
Radeon VII = 230W
Vega 56 = 164W
(This carries across to other projects like Primegrid. )

I once planned to add 3070Ti's but I definitely won't do that now. The 40 series is just way better.
Can't wait to see what AMD bring out soon with a 7800XT?
Having said that, GPU prices truly are disgusting! They are saying th 4060 will be D.O.A.

Of course one factor with all the above is that there's different CPU's in the background

Please add your experiences with hardware for Einstein@Home!