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Project Update

Started by Cruncher Pete, May 06, 2009, 04:47:29 PM

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Just received a handful of Mapping Cancer Markers. WCG is looking more positive every day


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I cannot for the life of me get GPU tasks to download. I have about 7 stuck on "project backoff"
Project weight set to 100. GPU tasks ticked for AMD & NVIDIA. Any ideas?
Anyone currently doing any WCG gpu work?


The WCG forum is very slow but a lot of complaints about GPU WU. It looks to be ongoing issues due to moving to the new infrastructure.

In a few threads people are saying its taking days to download a graphics work unit and there are very few available.,44510

Admins state that they are working on it.


Thank you Abruraspingi.

It makes me wonder how people are still pumping out millions per day in credits.


I had high hopes for WCG. They have published so many scientific papers and so many great projects. It's been over a year since they announced WCG was migrating to Kimble Research and they've been plagued with problems and delays since they started. The issues still haven't been fixed.

My positive thoughts were two months of down time and be back online with a new research project. Unfortunately migration never go smoothly and then has proved it.

I still have high hopes but it fades all the time


I've got a number of (short) GPU tasks for both NVidia and Intel. CPU tasks - not in evidence.

The downloads seem to be a problem - always in "Project backoff", but retrying seems to clear the backlog eventually.

Personally, I'd prefer to do WCG proects, which seem to have a goal over endlessly calculating prime numbers that have no apparent practical application.


We definitely punch above our weight on the WCG challenges.  We come in #1 spot more here than any other challenge in BOINC

Well done Team.  :gt 

EDIT:  I changed the link

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Have a look at the BOINC@AUSTRALIA Facebook Page and join and also the Twitter Page.

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My Luck Prime 1,056,356 digits.

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 :bravo all