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Project Overview

Started by Cruncher Pete, May 22, 2009, 11:52:44 AM

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Cruncher Pete


Project Summary
Projects currently available from SZTAKI Desktop Grid:

1.    BinSys Project. The aim of the project is to find all the generalized binary number systems up to dimension 11.

2.    UC-Explorer.  To understand basic universality classes of nonequilibrium systems. There are many problems like economical crisis, human segregation, climate change...etc where the theory of nonequilibrium systems could help in solving these problems.

The following platforms are supported:

Microsoft Windows x86       (32bit)
Microsoft Windows x86_64  (64bit)
Linux x86                          (32bit)
Mac OS x

Connecting to SZTAKI Desktop Grid
The project's Home Page is located at:
SZTAKI is also listed in the various BOINC Account Managers and you can join the project directly through them.
Don't forget to join BOINC@Australia Team following your registration.

View our Team Members List and their current score here
View detailed BOINCStats of our SZTAKI Desktop Grid Team here