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Author Topic: Rules  (Read 5005 times)

Cruncher Pete

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« on: May 15, 2009, 01:48:32 PM »

To keep the game fun and honest, please read the rules here before posting to the word game.

Rules: 1) Single word posts only.
          2) Hyphenated words count as one word
          3) You can not respond to your self (We are all sane here, no talking to yourself Cheesy)
          4) Try to keep it reasonably clean.
          5) English only. Its a simple game where you say a word which is somehow related to the last word.
          It can be literally related (cow - udder), or unliterally (udder - rudder). An example would be cow -> udder -> rudder -> steering.
 They are fun and quick. If you get a chance you just post a word.
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