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Started by JohnG, June 18, 2009, 12:35:59 PM

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If I am seeing correctly, I am currently leading our team !!!
Will everyone please take note...history in the making... A never to be seen again event, an occurrence of great magnitude (no pun intended). Stumbled across it the other day and thought wots this all about ? Runs alongside the 2 units of einstein being processed. Might treat myself to a little celebratory...       :dance2:

Cheers all

ps don't anyone tell beaker,wang,WMY,dingo,BF or anyone else who has more points than me in any other projects

Wang Solutions

Mwwuh hahahahah!! Watch out now!!  biggrin

Only kidding. Great result JohnG, and a well-deserved +1.  :congrats



Reckon you'll be safe til the end of the AA.... then ya'd better watch the incoming storm...... Beakerulz might decide to stretch his "play toys" activities.

But for what is, +1


Tks guys, yes I'm watching my back (not that I can do anything more !!) Its interesting watching the graphs.. when I walk past the lap sitting on the table, reacts like a 9 on the Richter scale. Nothing to do with my weight of course


Well done JohnG!! +1 :congrats :congrats

You're safe from being overtaken by me, my Lappy's don't have the required accelerometers.. :cry2:


John, have you got any actual sensors attached to machines?


apparently its in the machine already, I did nothing but attach (to the project) and download. Macbook pro about ayear old I think from memory.


I have no laptops with those sensors here, nor do I have any Mac equipment


My team position is looking good for a week or so then ! Mind you the cr rate is not flash but still its money for nothing.


OK, have attached my daughter's new Acer laptop... and the son's one is about to be picked up by courier to be taken for repairs... (after 1 days usage !!!)

From what I can gather, the daughters lappy has the sensors, and I have attached all my machines.... 4 x quads and 7 x i7's   .....  :rofl: :rofl:

but seriously, have attached all my machines.. though I'm wondering (coz I cant find the info on the website) what a PC can o for the project WITHOUT the sensor ??


Yes I think your right Veebee, dont think the Pc's can do anything, because it is after all, the sensor movement which detects the quake and reports it. A  PC without the sensor cant report anything. Think I read somewhere that the sensors cost $49. but not 100% on that.