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New project: Discovering Dengue Drugs Together - Phase 2

Started by WikiWill, February 18, 2010, 08:49:13 AM

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The new phase of WCG's DDDT has launched overnight - but the WCG site is currently unreliable...

I picked up one work unit.  It's not a big download, but on my Intel C2D E8400 3GHz running Windows 7 x64, it is using 650MB virtual memory (190MB physical) and looks like it will take about 35 hours.  The project states a minimum RAM requirement of 1GB but supports all the common BOINC platforms.

Race you to Gold?   :rofl:

News item:

EDIT: the above new item explains why there is currently no work available...  All Type A have gone out so it will be a wait for Type B WUs.


I received 8 that look like they will take 40-50 hours to complete. They will send out another 5K A wu's "in a few days". I'm not sure when the compled A's will comeback as B's. Even though WCG calls it "production" it is still more like a beta project for now.


Good news - there are a bunch of new WUs being handed out now for DDDT2.  Get on it!   :crazy