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Message Timeout??

Started by Mysteron347, February 12, 2010, 01:03:11 PM

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I'm running on 3 W98 machines, BOINC 5.8.16, the 3 machines connected to a single monitor/keyboard through a KVM switch.

It appears that only the 'currently connected' machine is running tasks to completion - the other machines are generating 'message timeout' errors and restarting continuously.



Figure that!!!  On one four line KVM switch I am running a Mac Notebook (only SIMAP), a PC with XP doing FreeHAL and Collatz, a PC with Win 7 also doing FreeHal and Collatz, a Dell Lappie doing Free Hal and SIMAP on Win 7.  They all work fine.   The Mac only uses the monitor.  The KVM switch is about 2 years old (can't see the model number with dismembering the tower).

Had them all on Linux at one stage and they worked fine.  The blurb from KVM is that should support Window 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/2003 server, Sun Micro , Mac , Linux.

What version of W98 are you running, could that be the problem??


They're all running W98SE. The KVM is A "Serverlink SL451" made in some odd corner of the world called "Australia" :faint:

I've reset the project on all 3 machines to no avail. Same problem - just this 'message timeout' over and over...

It has run on all 3 before, and recently - I mean, in the last week, before V1.30. No apparent sign of a problem on the project's forum.

I'm beginning to think it's a W98/FH1.30 problem... Anyone else running W98 and looked at the message log?


One of those RTFM moments

QuoteMircosoft Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista oder 7

On the Gernam documentation. My German's a little rostig but I believe that this means that Vista stinks and it won't run under 98...


Figures it was a popular MS virus.  Pres Kennedy once told the German people he was a sausage.  Know of a good translation program, might help


Oh dear...

I did 4 years of German at school - at my father's insistence. Use it very rarely, mostly because it's got some sweet swearwords. My father expected that after four years, I'd be speaking Kraut like a native - after all, he'd picked up Malay after living there for a year... He insisted that I converse with a native German-speaker to demonstrate my prowess. Hey - I knew what the guy was saying, just I couldn't remember what the English for 'gravel-pit' was...

Rostig is German for "rusty."

And the famous Kennedy "Ich bin ein Berliner" line - well, it's an urban legend - "I am a jam doughnut." The translation was done by a German - and it was understood in its intended form by the crowd. Whereas it's normal in that context for the indefinite article to be omitted, in some part of the country, especially the East where Berlin is located, it's commonly inserted. Bit like the normal translation "I am a jelly doughnut" when we all know that it's a jam doughnut and jelly doughnuts would be silly.

Which brings to mind the odd idea of all those people apparently driving around in Holden er, jam-doughnuts....

As for 'oder' - it means 'or' but is pronounced "odour" 'nuff said about Vista....


Yes but Americans call jam jelly, so it is correct for them. Hence they have weird sounding concoctions such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  biggrin

I did German too until 6th form and I can't converse in it much at all. I remember some of the weird texts we studied for the HSC, die Verwandlung where a bloke wakes up one day as a cockroach and Biedermann und die Brandstifte, a play about arsonists who talk their way into people's houses and then burn them down.


Point of clarification, In America jam contains seeds (as in blackberry jam) and jelly does not (as in grape jelly) but uses pectin (natural or otherwise) to "jell" the fruit.


Hmm. That seeds/no seeds distinction might seem a trifle odd, but no more so than jam made from citrus fruit being 'marmalade' - which some people insist on calling 'marmalade jam' (or citrus fruit jam jam' if they were aware of what they were saying.

I hear the PC crowd, with its 'authorities' and 'experts' has seen fit to create a legal bunfight about naming - hence we now can't call jam "jam" anyway - we have to call it 'conserve' or 'preserve' because some idiot dreamed up a legal definition. Same goes for mince pies, which we now have to call 'fruit mince pies' and 'mincemeat' has to be called 'fruit mince.' It appears so many people were getting confused and buying things they weren't expecting - despite the ingredients list on the package, and the fact that mincemeat and mince pies haven't actually contained meat for more than 600 years...

Hmm... Trifle, jam, mincemeat, buns - now I'm hungry!!


February 15, 2010, 05:14:07 AM #9 Last Edit: February 15, 2010, 06:19:41 AM by kashi
Ah, seeds and no seeds, that makes sense. Confectioners jam used in cakes usually doesn't have seeds so I suppose that is jelly. Have you ever seen that mincemeat in a jar, it looks quite odd because it has little dots of suet all through it.

Hmm, I'm hungry too. Hungry most of the time lately since I've been on a reducing diet. Lost 7kg so far but I don't have to like it. :)


QuoteConfectioners jam used in cakes usually doesn't have seeds so I suppose that is jelly.
That would be our jelly doughnut (that looks like bun not a doughnut) ... claimed to be the favorite of most police officers here.  :rofl: As used here "preserves" refers more genericly to canning (which is in jars not cans) of jams, jellies and fruits. "English" is a mysterous language. biggrin


Quote from: kashi on February 15, 2010, 05:14:07 AM
... since I've been on a reducing diet. Lost 7kg so far but I don't have to like it. :)

hmmm, might have to get your "recipe" Kashi - I have put on 18 - 20 Kg since leaving my ex. (and really need to get some of it back off).

Actually, its probably more to do with my last back injury than leaving her, and stopping what "sport" I WAS able to do after my first back injury.

Had to stop surfing and AFL after the first one, so I took up golf (after spending 4 - 5 months on lessons to learn the mechanics of the swing... I wanted to hit them smoothly and down the middle.. none of this trying to belt the outer layer off the ball..)

I got to the point where I was playing 4 or 5 rounds a week (including comp most thursdays and Sat / Sundays), and played in the "B Pennants" side for the club... which equated to about 35 - 40 kms walking a week - and walking fast; nothing worse than slow golfers !

But, I couldn't even swing a club after this injury (Jan 07) so what exercise i WAS getting stopped. BANG - went up to 95 - 98 kgs !

Now that it appears this 5 level fusion has not worked too well, i think losing weight is going to be one fo the things which may be able to assist in alleviating a little of the pain - but I might have to ease off on the vino too .... now THAT'S gonna be hard !


No home recipes, I've been on Lite n' Easy lunches and dinners this time. Little too many additives in some of the meals and not enough fruit but it works. Costs a far bit though, but I suppose it saves on petrol because almost no shopping trips needed. I was a sturdy 110kg and am now a svelte 103kg.   :rofl: 
Hoping to uncrack the ton sometime soon. I'm 183cm tall, so should weigh 85kg and under, don't know if I will get to that because I haven't been that weight for over 20 years.