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SETI Down for about 1 month ...

Started by Lionel, October 29, 2010, 06:47:27 PM

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From the Seti Board (posted yesterday)

Another new message from Jeff...

    We've decided to keep the project down until the new servers are up and running and the databases migrated to them.

    The forums will stay up.

    The back end and the upload server will stay up until we clear the outstanding results.

    The time line we are looking at is about one month - two weeks for the servers to arrive and another two to get them going. We'll see as time goes on whether or not that's too aggressive.

    The down time will be used for preparing the databases for migration. For example, on the science side, we can finally finish a big merge of the spike table and drop the old spike table. This will make the database smaller and easier to migrate.

    We will also use the time for science processing and analysis.
and No 1 Lionel in the World.....


I found this quite by accident.


Thought I would share it. Does give an idea what it cost to run.



*putting on best Artie Johnson voice... you'll know it when you hear it ...*

"Very Interesting"

Looking at total required income, if everyone who actually was crunching Seti donated $US1.00, they'd never have budgetary problems, and maybe even be ahead of the eight ball.

Then again, that would be just too perfect an outcome in this 'perfect' world.