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Title: Project Overview
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Project Summary

There are Large uploads for this project.  Each work unit has a file that is between 25 and 55 Mb as well as other smaller files.

This project is the main project started by "Universe@Home test" which is now retired.

Universe@home project's two main goals are:
to provide scientist with a necessary computational power and
to provide the way of involvement for anyone equipped with a computer and willing to take part in the research
Our simulations deal with fundamental problems of the Universe, which cannot be investigated in a laboratory. From the birth of stars to the utmost energetic supernova explosions, nature still astonishes us but at the same time leaves ways for scientific examination

Project Description: (


There is a variety of applications that seem to change so here ( the link to have a look.

Connecting to Project

The projects Home Page and URL to connect is:


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