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New subproject

Started by Dingo, February 28, 2011, 12:36:49 AM

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Just noticed there is a new application running on one of my windows PC's called cms_RSwitch   Like the other applications on this project the work unit times are variable.

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Could these be Linux only? I have run literally thousands of wu's and have not seen any on Windows.  :bloodshot


The application was still cmsearch 0.20. The name of the tasks were cms_RSwitch[e1-5MB_Lin64s] or cms_RSwitch[e1MB_Lin64s].
Currently all 600 tasks in my cache are cms_GA[e1MB_Lin64s].

There is another Windows application Test App 0.31 that is used if you have "Run test applications" enabled. The tasks sent are currently named cms_testRSwitch[e1-5MB_Lin64s], are sent out to 4 computers and have a very short deadline, 3 hours for example.


Ok now I see it. Thanks.