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Site/ servers down ??

Started by veebee, November 24, 2011, 08:09:48 AM

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Is it just me/ my connection, or is the MW site down and no work getting through ??

I ran out of work sometime early yesterday... causing a terrible score for the da (for these two machines).

Does anyone know of a proxy we can access it by ?


No the web site is down as well and I do not know if there is a proxy.  I guess you will have to crunch another GPU project for a while.  biggrin

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Excellent, nothing beats seeing the results of your efforts..

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Apology for recent bad batches of workunits
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to send out an apology for all the problematic workunits being sent out lately. This was mostly my fault -- we have quite a few new students using MilkyWay@Home for their research -- and the code to start up new searches wasn't doing a very good job of ensuring the quality of the input files they were submitting to it.

We didn't have much problem with this in the past as it was mostly just me and Matt Newby submitting jobs and we knew what we were doing, but the client applications are rather finicky about extra whitespace and things like that in the input files, and this was causing a lot of the crashing workunits.

I'm in the process of updating the search submission code to be a lot more robust and catch these errors before sending things out, so hopefully this won't be as much of an issue in the future (hopefully not an issue at all!).

So I again I want to apologize for the lack of robustness in some of my code that was causing the crashes in the last few days. We're looking into the issue that's causing the las bit of errors that seem to be happening out there (it looks like there's some error in the client code that is causing NANs with certain input parameters, which results in the client reporting an error for the workunit). So I hope we can get that cleared up soon as well.

Happy crunching!
--Travis14 Oct 2012 | 22:11:37 UTC ยท Comment