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Internal Server error

Started by Jim, May 26, 2012, 03:23:04 PM

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Hi All,

One of my machines has download 4000 work units [reached daily quota].  biggrin

Now trying to upload 300 units and get internal server error,  as this is my first mass upload, has this happened before to anyone? 

There does not seem to be a problem on reported on the sites pages.



Hello Jim
Just looked back through my BOINC event logs for all my machines and everything seems OK.  Uploading is slow but it has always been so.

There was an issue last year and early this year to do with certificates from Win 7 but that has been fixed.

Nothing on their web site but that wouldn't be a surprise.

Sorry mate


Just leave them go and the server should sort itself out, well it usually does.

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yep all drained during the weekend.