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Started by Abruraspingi, November 20, 2023, 12:00:19 PM

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Today I've learned about Free-Jacking,
Signing up to free cloud services and mining crypto. Imagine if these hackers used their powers for good and created heaps of BOINC setups

Dark Angel

A few years ago I managed to get access to some HP cloud instances.  They were released for testing and available for free for a limited time, so what we did was legit.  I ended up running 36 compute instances which I administered from home using CSSH to minimize typing commands.  At the time the Q6600 was the big gun in DC hardware, not the latest thing but the easiest to get hold of and recent.  36 single core instances for free was nothing to be sneezed at.  Now of course there are people who have multiple 128core rigs in their own homes.


yeah it's amazing what Ryzen has done for the consumer market. Intel was stuck on 4-Core for everything.

That would have been some sweet computing power


The old Q6600. My dad's first CPU :D