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Started by aymii, May 09, 2024, 08:15:01 PM

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Did you put the bins out before or after bin night ?  .. Did you put the correct one out ??  Did anyone add to the bin if yours was almost empty ??  Did you bother to check that ??

Does the fact you think it matters, really matter?? 

Is it possible my humour so dark that your answer doesn't matter because I am not really looking for it?
or is your sense of humour so dark I assume it's there but not even seeing the truth depths from whatever you answer ??  Because you don't even begin to self-reflect without a peer review? 

Was the mad hater really mad??  or was he just worried about a cat that is ultimately safer when you don't think about him ??   

Dark Angel

That's not dark humour.
Dark humour is asking a paraplegic skateboarder if he's afraid of ending up in a wheelchair.


Oh Dark Angel .. If I knew you were gunna play  .. Pft that not even Dark by even your standards..   I dated a guy in a wheelchair.. Rather an athlete actually - however,  he told me the only thing he was afraid of was if my house up hill or downhill from the pub ..  his escape was going to be much slower if I lived down hill from the pub ..