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Computer error

Started by Rocoll, July 09, 2009, 07:32:30 PM

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I've been getting an increasing number of errored WUs lately.
A week ago it was every now and then ... perhaps 1 in 10.
Now it's more like 1 in 5.
Windows, Ubuntu and GPU WUs, are all the same.

Anyone else with this problem?


I haven't seen any failures this month on Ubuntu or Windows, but I'm only going through about 1400 credit a day in WUs.

Wang Solutions

Yes, I am seeing an increasing number that seem to process and complete correctly, upload and report OK and are shown as success, but get zero credit and for some reason are marked invalid. Not as many as 1 in 5, but probably at least 1 in 20.


I think it may be my preferences as I've selected yes to running test applications.
Might be just that.

You need to turn off 'allow new tasks' to even see them error as they are removed within a minute.


Yes these invalid WUs have been issued since about the middle of June I think. There is a thread about it on the MilkyWay forums. All my ones that are marked invalid are the ps_sgr_210F5_3s_hiw types.

When I last counted on 22 June, I was getting 4 per hundred WUs downloaded that were marked invalid. This was about 30% of all ps_sgr_210F5_3s_hiw WUs.

I'm still getting some of these invalid, but I haven't checked closely how many. When I looked just now it was about one every 2nd page of 20 results, so about 2-3% of total WUs received. I haven't been watching closely though and perhaps have missed noticing if a larger than usual number of ps_sgr_210F5_3s_hiw have been issued recently.


So, who had the greatest fall in total credit this morning?

I just lost 16000 roughly...... and jobs erroring out. I said somewhere else that I do wonder at times if this project is more about persistence than science *grin*


From Milky Way

Server Crash
July 29, 2009
Our database crashed or got corrupted this morning and it's looking we lost a lot of user accounts and credits. For now if you lost your account just make a new one. We're looking into this right now and are trying to restore all that we can.

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Sometimes I think this project is more trouble than it is worth.  biggrin

EDIT: BOINCStat's just updated (~18:00 UTC) and all my Milkyway numbers are shown as negative numbers. :thumbdown: Ooops!  biggrin :rofl: biggrin



-200,000 for me

thats a month or more of crunching for me haha

edit: Big losers in this massive market crash - DidierT with a whopping -9 million ..... this is the highest Ive ever been in the team for anything - negative credit  :rofl: :rofl:

reedit: logging into Milky account, its all back where it should be ..... thank goodness!


hhaah -1,200,000 for me !! hahahha

that hurts..

Wang Solutions

I lost over 5 million, but most of it is back now. I say most of it - apparently anything that was crunched yesterday is going to be permanently lost -> about 140K in my case.  :cry2:


That's unfortunate, I lost 20-25K myself.

I did a few Collatz WUs on the GPU after MilkyWay crashed, but then that was unreachable also. The server there seems to have problems now and again. After that my internet went down and refused to connect. I turned it off and it connected OK this morning. I'm glad I didn't have to ring the call centre in the Phillipines to ask for a tunnel reset. That is very time consuming because they insist you do everything on their script even though you know the problem is at their end.


This morning I find that not only are my MW numbers still negative at BOINCStats, now I am back to the previous team I was crunching for.  ??? I'm not sure they can map their servers much less the universe.  :jester:


Yes BOINCstats only does a full update once per day I think. Not sure when the next update is due, but possibly in about 3 hours or so it will be fine. Wouldn't want to lose you so soon after joining the team. :)

Some other stats sites have updated and show that you are now back in the BOINC@AUSTRALIA MilkyWay team.

Mike Mitchell

Quote from: Dataman on July 30, 2009, 11:24:45 PMI'm not sure they can map their servers much less the universe.  :jester:

That's got to be the quote of the month!  biggrin Plus one for making me smile.
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