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Which GPU app ?

Started by Zed, December 06, 2009, 08:26:01 PM

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OK all you clued up peeps , I'm having an issue in trying to figure out which gpu app i need to run milky (damn collatz being down)

Running an HD4870 on xp 32 , i have run GPU-Z and am still none the wiser as to which app to use ? Do i use the ATI app or the SSE2 ATI app ? or the amd apps ? (20b)

any help is appreciated


1) Download, install and run Cpu-z. That will inform you as to the full capacities of your CPU

2) select the highest modified app as per the highest SSE your CPU can process and install the file into C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOINC\projects\Milkyway If using XP.

If other OS, let us know, cause the location of the folder will (possibly) be different.


OK, I assume you want to run MilkyWay on your HD4870. You need the MilkyWay 0.20b ATI application. For SSE2 capable CPUs there are 2 variants for Windows 32-bit depending on which Catalyst driver version you have installed.

For Windows 32-bit and most modern CPUs with SSE2 capability:

If you have Catalyst 8.12 or 9.1 use "Win32_SSE2_amd" which contains "astronomy_0.20b_ATI_SSE2_amd.exe"

If you have Catalyst 9.2 or above use "Win32_SSE2_ati" which contains "astronomy_0.20b_ATI_SSE2_ati.exe"


Unzip and put the 3 files in your BOINC\projects\milkyway.cs.rpi.edu_milkyway folder wherever it may be (differs according to OS). Much the same as you would have done in the past. However you may need to read the readme again as there are some differences from earlier MilkyWay versions if you wish to change the default configuration or alter the parameters. Mainly the differences are to do with whether or not you are using an ATI aware BOINC version or an earlier BOINC version, plus there are some extra parameters available. Finally monitor your 4870 temps for a while, the latest versions may run hotter at default than the older versions. I had to run my HD 4890 with w1.1 and recently w1.2 parameter, to prevent it from overheating.

You no longer need to copy and rename the CAL .dll files if you install the correct application variant and you no longer need to install NET.Framework.

Good luck and good crunching. Any problems yell out, I usually look at the forum some time in the night.


Thanks guys i will keep this post in mind and try milky again at a later date when collatz has gone :boom:

+1 to you both


After a long, successful run, Milkyway went down again. Is still down.  :thumbdown: Back to GPUGrid.


Okay... where does one get the Optimised ATI app from?

Oh and how does one stop the Gigabyte board from buzzing saying that the ATI card is not properly installed?


Shouldn't need to use the optimised ATI app - the standard app is identical. 

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