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Project Update - Feb 10 2009 - Work running down

Started by WikiWill, February 11, 2009, 11:27:19 AM

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A message from the admin:

I shall be pausing the work generator for the next fews days. I need to let existing work run down so that I can give the server a early spring clean. More work will be available next week.


Genlife is pumping out the work again.  A note from the admin:

QuoteThe server cleanup is now complete. I have put up a few thousand work units running with a different timeslice mode than all previous ones. This I have done in order to see how specific dominant creature strands respond.


I see L'AF are having a charge again, last time they did that they did about 1 million in credits in just three weeks


Rats, that would put them well ahead of us...

I've moved some of my crunching time back to Genlife but it's likely only 1000 a day.

Wang Solutions

This is a public thread. Might be better to discuss this in members.  ::)