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Credit rollback

Started by owner, July 16, 2011, 04:33:11 PM

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Well the promised credit rollback has happened. 
It's me cost about 220K in lost cobblestones.
Can't say i'm particularly happy about it, but the other projects that i'm crunching should bring me back to where I was in overall credit in the next couple of days.  Not sure how the "new " credit system is going to work out as at the moment no new work is available.   
Lots of talk on the forum about leaving the project in protest.  Haven't made up my mind on that score.  What do you others think?


Thanks for the thoughts on this topic, Tin Man.  I haven't crunched this much recently so I don't think I was affected.

TBH, it's not going to affect my participation.  I've always thought this project paid more than deserved (hence my high credit I suppose) and I can understand some people are really annoyed at the moment, but I am interested in quantum science and will continue to crunch a little in future.  It's very unfortunate they didn't set a lower credit to start with but I can see why they did what they did, I hope they and others learn from this,and I think anyone up in arms about correction needs to take it on the chin and use this opportunity to adjust their world view.  BOINC is fundamentally a volunteering opportunity, not a credit race.

I'm cutting down my participation in all projects anyway due to electricity price hikes, but I'll still be dropping in to AQUA from time to time.


Actually the credit rollback occurred not because AQUA was dishing out more credit than many other projects.

The new BOINC server code didn't mishmash too well with AQUA's applications, causing it to dish out hundreds of millions of credits for SINGLE WORK UNITS!
Unfortunately the only way they could fix the problem was to roll back EVERYBODY's credit to the 19th of June, regardless of whether or not they had crunched one of the workunits that resulted in the crazy high credits.

I lost 607,178.34 credits unfortunately (of legitimately crunched WUs), but as I said over at AQUA, the sun will still rise tomorrow morning!  There are more important things in the world than virtual credits..