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WCG stats vs BOINCstats stats

Started by danhtruong, July 27, 2011, 10:58:56 AM

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Hi all!
Just wondering, why do the statistics in WCG and BS vary so much?
For example, my points rank in WCG My Grid is 5,020 whereas in BS, it's 5,260

Same thing goes with BOINC@Australia WCG/BS stats.

Am i missing something?   :pcwhack:


The reason the rankings don't match is because BOINCstats shows only work done on the BOINC platform, whereas the WCG website shows work done on the UD Grid platform plus work done on the BOINC platform. An example of the difference in credit may help to explain:

Current BOINC@AUSTRALIA credits:

107,094,095.29 - BOINCstats

754,793,131 divided by 7 = 107,827,590 - WCG website

The difference represents WCG credits earned before WCG became a part of BOINC. When WCG started using BOINC only the credits earned on the BOINC platform were included in the BOINC totals exported to stats sites. However the credits shown on the WCG site include the previous credits earned when WCG used the United Devices grid platform. In other words, BOINC statistics websites show BOINC credits only, whereas WCG website shows UD Grid + BOINC credits.

Because the credits are different between BOINCstats and WCG website, the rankings are also different.

This merging of credit from 2 different platforms is also the reason why credits shown on the WCG website are 7 times BOINC credits. 1 BOINC credit = 7 WCG credits.


ahh, thanks.

Love the quick replies we get here on this forum.  good work everyone!

I guess this variation between UD and BOINC can only mean one thing... we are crunchers of the older kind... haha    :shock