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PMG seti went insane

Started by clownius, March 04, 2009, 01:10:13 AM

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While i cant access GPUgrid i decided to give seti a run praying for stuff to keep my GTX280 warm.  Well its decided to download enough work for like 6 months the second i attached grrrrrr seti evil.  BE a while till my GPU is free again thats certain.


haha tell me about it.
even on a sh1tty quadro fx1700 ive got here which is about 10x slower then my 9800gtx, seti downloaded around 600 wus..
needless to say after a couple of days of seti crunching, ive decided to go back to gpugrid. :)

why cant you access gpugrid?


I keep getting a message that GPUgrid is not a boinc project :( i must sort it out somehow