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New optimised app for Astrolpulse

Started by Rocoll, March 04, 2009, 07:54:46 PM

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I've now got 500,000 points pending in Astropulse  :shock

SETI need to have another look at their points awarding method  :thumbdown:


Maybe you're just too damn quick Rocoll !!

I think too many people are still "crunching" on machines they bought 3 , 4, 5 or more years ago...

I have a number of friends who have asked me to help them "fix " their slow computers, only to find they are still using some old P3 with 128 Mb RAM, or some old athlon 1800 or something...

Do you know if they try to "match" machines of certain "calibres" to each other?? THAT would speed things up for sure..... put slow machines as each others wingmen, and faster ones together ...


It should hopefully reach an equilibrium eventually (there are people out there with 2 million pending!).  Look on the bright side - you can take a break to do an AA and the SETI credit will keep rolling in ;D

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