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BoincStats Challenge

Started by Dingo, October 06, 2012, 01:48:04 PM

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Radioactive@home graph
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Cruncher Pete

I would like to thank the following for joining us in this challenge just recently.  My apologies if I missed some but I am only going by BOINcStats and they are not necessarily up to date.:

David Soroka.

With your help fellows, I am sure we will have a chance to make this interesting since there is still four days to go.  For the rest of you, if you could look at your priority as to what you are crunching at the moment, I wonder if you could defer that for the next four days and join Constellation.  I would love to see the world react to us coming first as a Team and First as an Individual member.


Cruncher Pete

Hooray, ring the bells.  We as a Team got to number one and are slightly leading the pack.  Thanks for the help from all the late comers including LawryB who just appeared on the screen for the first time.  Nice to see that we are a Team that should not be underestimated and we are on Top of the World and not Down Under.

:congrats :congrats :congrats :rocks



Damn!  With only 3 days 2 hours to go we have been overtaken by

We need help here folks.  Please consider joining and helping  :oz: rack up our first win in a challenge. will get you started.

Cruncher Pete

Yeah. What he said.  +1 for the motivation LawryB.  We can do it.  I got over  100K in Pending but that's not going to help if it is not validated.  Put everything aside for the next couple of days folks and show them that we can do it.  If we all put our best foot forward Mr Pending might just relent at the last moment when it counts most.  Go Team Go...


I've throw my last few cores at it but...  some extra firepower will still be needed   :cool: