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If you are having download issues with Seti

Started by lionel.heron, March 07, 2013, 06:37:36 PM

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If you are having download issues with Seti (as many of us have been), you can go to this link and follow the instructions from cdemers (at the top of the link).  The issues appear to be related to TCP settings.  I have implemented his suggestion across all my boxes and I am not having any download issues with Seti any more and I am no longer using a Proxy to get wus.

My observations following implementation are also included in the link and copied here below:

Download speeds appear to be similar to the proxy that I was generally using, around 5-10kB/s, so no apparent significant improvement there. What I have noticed is that the downloads start quicker, they sometimes have a tendency to burst in the first 5-15% of the download with speeds in the range 15-20kB/s, they don't seem to stall as often (in fact, hardly ever), and if downloads do hesitate, the hesitation is not for long. Overall, I think the outcome is positive and have modified all my machines accordingly.

BTW, in comparison to not using a proxy, hugely beneficial and well worth doing.

I have also increased the number of simultaneous downloads (for Seti) from 2 to 8.  The download speed of any wu has not changed as a result of implementing the above.  The outcome is that I can now pull down 8 wus inside 1m 20s on any machine.  As I only crunch Seti, I have no conflicts with any other project in doing this.

In order to change N=2 to N=8 you will need to introduce/create a cc_config.xml file.  If you are new to this, the following may be helpful.




Thanks Lionel I may give this a crack when next I go to give SETI another push.  The last 3 times I tried to crunch SETI I had to give up just couldn't get enough regular work,  even setting max cache didn't help.  I found only once or twice a week I could get constant work even when the servers where up & seemed to have plenty of work.  Most of the time I couldn't get enough WU's to feed my cruncher's.    The last time after weeks of trying I just gave up in disgust my finger aching from pressing update to try an get more work or to get work unstuck in the transfer window.

I had read about people with same problems using proxy servers to try an get through but was way to peeved to try,  besides all other projects worked fine.   My only worry is will this affect other projects who are now working well,  I don't want to fix SETI that I only crunch on occasion to have problems with other projects that I crunch regularly.

Thanks again JN

PS After reading more this seems quite safe.  Great! Nice find.(tcp optimiser app)


wow, that is really cool! I just started running Seti@home again recently so I thought I would give this a go. Boinc transfer has gone from around .2 to 4-6KBps. Not only that, internet speed seems to have doubled as well (still relatively slow). We live in the country with poor phone lines so I assume there is a fair bit of packet lose. I think this program must help with that?

+1  ;D