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Achievements From WCG Research

Started by Dennis, April 24, 2013, 06:54:23 PM

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Looks like really promising news   :cheer1:  :cheer1:  :cheer1:

Breakthrough in the fight against childhood cancer


Some results from the "Computing for Clean Water" sub-project ...

"Enhancing the potential for nanotechnology to improve access to clean water for millions" - by Dr. Francois Grey (6 Jul 2015)


Some results from the "Drug Search for Leishmaniasis" sub-project ...

"Exceptional early results in the fight against Leishmaniasis" - By Dr. Carlos Muskus López (12 Jul 2015)


Some results from the "Mapping Cancer Markers" sub-project ...

"One step closer to identifying lung cancer biomarkers" - By The Mapping Cancer Markers research team (19 Aug 2015)


A new FAH2 project has launched at WCG.