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Started by Screaming Eagle, September 25, 2013, 06:26:18 PM

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Screaming Eagle


Has anybody heard anything about this project as it appears to have been offline for the past 5 days according to boincstats.

The address works but only comes up with a default webpage.

but any other address comes up with a 404. and the boinc client wont connect.

Does anyone here know anything (has it finished/crashed/got hit by an unexpected asteroid etc)?



Hi Ben,

They were changing over to a new server last Friday.  It was only expected to last for a few hours.  Guess it didn't go as expected.  we shall just have to wait and see what happens.



Latest via their twitter feed, a few unexpected events happened during the server changeover, working own it and should be up soon


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Thanks for the update tazzduke. :thumbsup:

Edit: Server appears to be back now.

OT: Anyone notice the Odd Weird Search yoyo badge doesn't display correctly in statseb signature with Black Rain forum theme selected? Guess not many use that theme. Disregard, it's fixed now, that's good.

Screaming Eagle

Thank you for that. I tried to start that project again on Saturday and couldn't connect.

I couldn't find and information and didn't even give twitter a thought.