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Project Update

Started by Spencer, January 30, 2015, 08:17:26 PM

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Cool project, I ran it for a while when it was in Beta, and seemed to have a pretty active community and a few glitches. Haven't crunched on it for a while though.. might try it again since I really like crunching on particle physics projects!


Itreid some work about three months ago and did not have any luck.  They timed out before I finished them as they were very very long work units.   I see in the applications page that the last application update was November and I think this is a Virtual Box project.

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I just tried the other day. Huge download to start and took me a while to get the VM working properly. But so far so good. No problems and I like the idea of helping discover the next new thing in particle physics.

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Changed my mind. Don't bother. Takes over your computer. Uses enormous amounts of bandwidth. Constant problems with the Virtual Machine and if you're really lucky you might make 300 credits a day with 8 cores. Not in it for just the credit only but really not worth the electricity bill to run
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News from the project:

2017-04-07: ATLAS@Home, No more ATLAS tasks, credit will be transferred to LHC soon

Hi all,

There are no more tasks left to run on ATLAS@Home, please disconnect from the project and join LHC@Home. The credit will be moved to LHC soon - due to various people on holiday around Easter it will probably happen in 1-2 weeks from now.

Thanks again for all your contributions to ATLAS@Home and please continue on LHC@Home!