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Started by yoda, February 03, 2009, 02:46:06 PM

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ABC@home is a distributed computing project enabling a great search for so called abc-triples. It is run by the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University and Kennislink.  The project is comparable in a way to GIMPS, another mathematical project. These abc-triples are positive integers a,b,c such that a+b=c, a < b < c, a,b,c have no common divisors and c > rad(abc), the so-called radical of abc.

The ABC conjecture says that there are only finitely many a,b,c such that log(c)/log(rad(abc)) > h for any real h > 1. The ABC conjecture is currently one of the greatest open problems in mathematics. If it is proven to be true, a lot of other open problems can be answered directly from it.

ABC@home can be found at

URL to attach in BOINC is

It has applications for:

  32 bit Linux
  64 bit Linux
  32 bit Windows
  64 bit Windows
  Mac OSX (Intel)
  Mac OSX (PowerPC)

ABC@home 64 bit apps are much quicker than 32bit.