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Strange download

Started by Vajras, June 21, 2009, 06:52:09 PM

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i haven't really been paying attention to this as i haven't for quite a while crunched here (tho i still have 4 TBV WU's).

But every so often and intermittently i keep getting a download SETI trys to send me that never completes d/l'ing

it's called  - [Backing off 4 min 2 sec on download of] ap_5.00r103_SSE3.exe

Does anyone know what's going on here and why they keep trying to do this even tho' i am not crunching SETI?

i have set and for quite a while have had "no new work"

Most confusement :hbang:

Wang Solutions

That is the Astropulse v5 executable (app) that is called by the modified SETI app_info.xml file. Even though SETI is set to NNW it might still try to download the app if your SETI app_info.xml file is calling for it. Try deleting or renaming the app_info file in the SETI projects folder.


Also if you do not want to process Astropulse v5: There is an option to not get it in the SETI Preferences

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Thanks to you both for the info.