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Project Overview

Started by BF, June 24, 2009, 10:09:57 AM

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Project Summary

Ecological problems have the specificity of being dependent on biological elements with complex interactions and which response may be delayed at a year or pluri-year scales due to biological cycles. New tools are therefore needed to go past over biological constraints and take into account the complexity of living ecosystems. The ViP project aims at using modelling for (i). providing extensive virtual experiments for testing solutions in a shorter time that would have been possible through real experimentation, (ii). optimizing experimental designs to access to the most efficient results.

A very detailed project description can be found here.


The following applications are supported:

Microsoft Windows X86       (32bit)
Microsoft Windows X86_64 (64bit)
Linux X86                          (32bit)
Linux X86_64                     (64bit)

Connecting to ViP@Home

The project home page is at:
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