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upload problems

Started by veebee, September 01, 2009, 09:26:46 PM

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Anyone else having trouble uploading completed work ?

probably also missing out on GETTING new work too !

I haven't been able to upload for around 24 hrs now (almost a full "day")


I had some trouble a week ago, but no problems now.

Was getting some kind of security SSL connect error in messages tab after my connection had been placed in walled garden by Soul. I stopped and restarted BOINC and disconnected and reconnected my ADSL modem. Don't know which fixed it but it was OK after that.


All of a sudden it's working again.. dont know what it was, but its all uploaded now.

Just setting the machines to get some work for a day or so, until I wake up enough after surgery to hook up via "log me in" from hospital...

See you all then !


Good Luck Veebs... shall keep a couple of coldies awaiting your return.


 hope you recover quickly!  :cheers: