Virus Warning!!!

Started by clownius, July 27, 2010, 09:32:30 PM

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AVG picked up viruses sent from this sever today.  Two of them.  Since disconnected.  If you are using this project i strongly recommend checking your system out.  Last news was an admin change on 10th December 2009 so not sure if the new administrator is going to be around to do anything any time soon.  Whole project is on autopilot by the look of it.


I don't crunch RCN but thanks for the warning. Previously I had only heard of false positives for BOINC projects.

Perhaps this project has changed its name to RCN = Really Compromised Network.   :pcwhack:


It could have been a false positive i didnt want to find out lol.  The active shield knocked it on the head real quick when it tried to install itself.  I decided better safe than sorry and didnt test it by letting it install to see what it would do.  I know how hard these things can be to remove.


I would try it on a junk pc and see what happens, no great loss if it kills it, we could then find out what it does without screwing up the main system and try to ascertain how to deal with it if some one inadvertently ends up with it,,,,otherwise it could be dealt with another way,,,,,,,,,


p.s. What os were you running?


Was on my Windows7 ultimate games machine sadly and i dont have another computer running windows unless you count the games partition of the laptop (XP) and mums HTPC (vista).  I like my laptop too much (i take it to work for standby) and mum would kill me if i messed with the HTPC.


 :P Ok ,,,so maybe its NOT such a good idea then    :furious:


Could try it in a VM maybe??

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Well the current admin replied to my thread and said his end checked out.  So rejoined now and we shall see if it comes up again but so far nothing.  Good to see.