I need an ABC Sysadmin - Can't retrieve ABCatHome password

Started by bradders, January 07, 2011, 10:36:29 PM

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Does anyone have a contact at ABCatHome who can reset an account password?  (I emailed a sysadmin "amilburn" a few days ago, but I'm still awaiting a reply.)

I haven't used ABCatHome since 2007 and I can't remember my password.  But I can remember my email address, username and userID.
The password reset email doesn't arrive. (I checked that it isn't being blocked as spam by my ISP.)
I can't use the account key method because I can't find the old data folder.


Sending you  PM and veebee is listed as a moderator.   http://abcathome.com/personnel.php

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