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Installing Raimsters opt apps for CPU/ GPU

Started by veebee, March 20, 2009, 11:13:46 PM

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Any chance anyone feels like popping down, in plain English, how to go about "extracting" (I imagine) the RAR download for the V10 package and how to go abou t"installing it...?

I have no idea, and nothing on the Ubuntu box Im trying to put it on will "open" the download.

Also , it seems certain opt apps (cannot remember where I read it , but was on some forum tonight..) that at least 6.6.15 or higher was required for .... something (to do with gpu work) to work properly.

HOW does one install the latest (even a unstable version) of boinc client/ manager, in linux, so that it starts on bott etc , like it "should".. (I have found that the two times I managed to GET it to install, it didn't start until I physically started the client itself !.

Any help would be great... as my brain is NOT doing too well after spending 6 hrs last night trying to get an ATI card working in this same ubuntu box... ended up "stealing" the sons GT9500 and put the ATI card in his windows box - no problems now....


I have no idea about theopt apps you mention as I haven't used them, but to install a different version of BOINC over the packaged version, look here


I am trying to run CUDA seti on my i7 (with GTS250) yet the tasks page doesn't show any work units as running on GPU (in the same fashion that GPUgrid does..).

1) from memory I m sure I saw it saying "0.xx CPU, 1 GPU" ages ago when it DID work on another card... should it be showing that ?

2) I have the "number" of cpus set at 9 in cc_config (8 for i7 + 1 for GPU).. this is right isn't it?

I downloaded a stack of SET WU's after setting that up last night, but as I say, none "show" to be crunching on the GPU...

any help would be appreciated, as the move to more philanthropic projects (and the downtime of GPU grid) is killing my RAC....


I can't check it but I thought Seti only ran CUDA on the 32 bit app.


yeah, Im tryin gto get it to run on Win XP 32 bit.


Sorry. I don't use Win at all, not for a few years


I just have Windows on the i7 coz Milkyway was a killer on windows back a little while.

If I could get seti cuda WU's going on Ubuntu, I would do that TOO !

I just cannot seem to get them going at all. the GT9600 is prolly the only one I could run it on on my linux boxes.

Cruncher Pete

Quote from: veebee on April 14, 2009, 09:31:36 AM

If I could get seti cuda WU's going on Ubuntu, I would do that TOO !

veebee. SETI only supports Windows for CUDA  at this stage.


Are you running the stock CUDA app or one of Raistmer's packages (latter may not really be needed with BOINC 6.6.20)?  The stock app will show "Seti@home enhanced 6.08 (CUDA)" in the tasks.  The Raistmer apps will show as if it is a regular CPU app, but you can still tell because the CPU time is a lot less than the elapsed time.

Also, check SETI@HOME prefs that "run on GPU = yes" and "Run on CPU = No" (if you don't want SETI on your CPU also).

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You also need BOINC version 6.4.7 or later to get it to work with Raistmer's V10a or V11.


If all you want is a project that runs on your GPU only (like GPUGRID), all you need is the stock SETI CUDA app and current BOINC (6.6.20), and SETI prefs set to run on GPU only (not CPU).  That is what I have been running since GPUGRID went offline and it has been running fine.

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can someone please direct me to (or provide an actual link) the Cuda apps for seti.. dont want to crunch it on my cpu (have set the prefs for that).. i have looked "everywhere" on KWSN site and just cannot make head nor tails of where it might/ should be... (none of the linux downloads SAY "CUDA app")


why on earth is it such a hassle to run seti on a gpu....?

I have gone over every thread I could find (at kwsn) and found a post from ranu:

Follow all steps (1-4) below:

1)  Use a newer boinc version. The latest is 6.6.36, . I haven't checked it, I use 6.6.20, direct download link
2)  Make sure all the appropriate cuda libs from 2.2 toolkit

are in the projects/ directory.

3)  Edit accordingly your or the corresponding ld-something file of your distro with the above location of the cuda libs.

4)  Place a copy of the cuda client in one of the following locations:


on top of that I had to get CUDA 2.3, which  managed to download and install OK... but "step 3" - I found , an dput the location (/usr/bin/cuda/lib64) if the lib files in it, under the one existing line in the file..

then step 4.... WHERE is the actual "cuda client"? or what is it ? I went through all folders in the cuda directory and couldn't seem to find any file or whatevr that "popped out at ne' as a / the "client".

Has everybody else had to go through all this crap to run SETI cuda ????


Is there anyone who can PLEASE explain , in English, how to set up SETi, so I can run it on my 9600GT please (Ubuntu 8.04 x64)...

I have tried so many different things I dont know where I am.. what I DO know is that THIS is whats happening at GPU grid fro some reason .. used to be fine, not any more.

20 posisitve karma points (heck.. one every time I can, for the rest of my natural boincing LIFE !!) for anyone who helps me get it running.... advance...


I can't help you with SETI but I looked at a sampling of your GPUGrid wu's and you are failing for many many different reasons. You are way over clocked at 1.75 GHz. The standard core clock for a 9600 is 550 MHz or 600MHz depending on the manufacturer. Use EVGA Preccision to down clock it. Make sure the core and shader clock link is on. Set the core clock to 600 and memory clock to 1800 (factory specs). I suspect that is your problem. Otherwise your card may be preparing to go to the great GPU graveyard in the sky due to extream OC.

EDIT: Crap ... Precision probably does not work with Linux  Bashhead Is there some Linux utility to clock cards? Nonetheless you are WAY over factory specs for that card.


I used to have it over clocked, but at the last driver upgrade, "coolbits" must have been 'removed" or whatever (from /etc/X11/xorg.conf), as Perlmon didn't give me the clock/ frequency button.

Have just edited xorg.conf and it is showing 720 clock frequency and 950 memory freq.

I thought (from your last message) that somehow the overclock had stayed "on", so I clicked "restore to factory defaults"... and that IS the factory default..  (this card is a 9600 GT Extreme, if that make sany difference).

(just read on "Tom's Hardware" they got a  9600 GT to 767 GPU  and 1116 memory).

Will put it down to 650 and 900 and see how that goes...

EDIT: I just ran the "auto detect" feature to see hwat the "safest maximum speeds etc" are according to the driver software itself.. and it set it at 795 GPU clock and 1110 Memory !

(I wont run it at that speed)...