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Project Update

Started by Dingo, July 02, 2018, 10:12:27 PM

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Update from Michael,


"Please update all your clients to app version 2.03.

The sooner this is done the sooner you will start racking up credit under the new system. Both old and new app versions will also continue collecting credits under the old system for a few days when the old benchmark based trickles will be phased out.

To force a client update you can (i) abort all your tasks and (ii) Update the project."


Hummm, he may have meant "Reset Project". I aborted mine and did an "Update" and got no tasks available 2.02. I reset the project and got the new 2.03 app and wu's and they are running OK (I guess?). I  am only doing 3 threads. Too soon to tell about credit. Bit of a strange project. I reread the stuff on their main page and still have not a clue what they are trying to accomplish.  Bashhead

EDIT: Credit is still quite high.  :BigGrin


Morning All

Yep changed over earlier this morning, and seem to running okay, albeit my 7 cores are only 3hrs in.

My other cores are doing ACOUSTIC@HOME, am about 3 days away from 100K, so am going for that before the next sprint lol.


 AA 24 - 53 participant


Adjusted credit now showing on Free-DC stats.

BOINCstats listing should soon follow, I suppose.


Hey kashi I seemed to lose a large amount of credit. What about you? I knew it was going to drop but the amount each person lost seems totally random.
Regardless it's still a massive amount of credit for a CPU only project. Perhaps to much??

I'd be happy with that kind of credit on GPU project LOL

The project may have only just begun but at least the team has had a good start and is in 3rd place so far.


My total was reduced by exactly 6 million. The individual host totals have not been reduced so it's easy to work out how much was deducted.

I think those who started before me were getting the increasing multiplier effect with every 15 minute trickle, so got massive credit rate as their tasks progressed. So those early starters should have received the largest reductions. My credit rate increased quite a lot even with only hourly trickles.

He should have adjusted credit in line with how much work has actually been performed, which was/is recorded on the server. The rankings don't seem to line up correctly with that though so don't know how it was done. Lines up a bit but there are quite a few discrepancies.

Will wait for a full day before checking more closely but credit appears still quite high but no longer the highest CPU project. CSG would eat it for breakfast now.


Thanks kashi, yea mine was reduced 16 million but that wouldn't be a problem as long as everyone received a similar reduction. Actually I was expecting a much greater reduction.
For some reason different users got different reductions with no rhyme or reason as to why. If they lowered credit by 50% then everybody should have had their credit lowered 50% that just fair.

But as you said it may well work itself out over the next 24 hrs or so,  plus they may still be a working out the bugs? Either way the crunching goes on.

It seems like a good project so i'm planning on giving this one a good crack for a while. 


Yep, I lost about 1/3 of the credits but no biggie as I did not have that many. I will wait until credits show up at BOINCStats before doing more. Nice to hear there will be badges.  :thumbsup:

I read Dr. Garvie's doc thesis and now understand what they are doing.  Bashhead Some bedtime reading if you are interested:

I have been doing a little on some projects I have not visited for a bit (NSF, CSG & Numberfields). Still too damn hot to do much CPU work. 2/3 of the GPU's are grinding away at Amicable Numbers while the other 1/3 are sleeping.



Doesn't it seem somewhat ironic that Java, one of the most horridly insecure languages it has been anyone's misfortune to encounter, is being used to attempt improving the reliability of anything?
Saves the spooks from having to code another Stuxnet I suppose, with Java it's already built in.  :boom:


I try to stay away from everything "Oracle" but it still lingers. Larry Ellision has always been a bit of a flim-flam man and sometime borders on insanity. But then I am not worth 45 Billion USD.


Stats are now being exported.  :thumbsup:


We're going very well too.
We're in second position, pretty close behind SETI.USA.


No rhyme or reason to this project! Since going live I have been plodding along at ~75K/day with 20 threads. Today I got 456K (one day).  WTF? I am certainly not complaining about the credits but hope it stabilizes into something predictable.



Yea it seems like the longer you run a WU the more credit it gives. err that's as close as I can figure it anyway. 


I am back to 77K today. I think every hour Michael spins a big wheel and wherever it stops is the credit of the hour.  :wink