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Project Update

Started by Dingo, July 02, 2018, 10:12:27 PM

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Alas, it appears that this project has joined the group of "un de los desparicitos" (one of the disappeared ones). The project site has disappeared. Rumors (and they are just that) are that they either lost funding or could not acquire new funding. There was no notice or discussion ... poof it was just gone.


From their web page.  They still have work but not sure how long it will go on for ??/

QuoteBOINC@DHE news:
DHE suspended
Hello everyone,

Unfortunately we are having to suspend DHE until we secure funding. A big thanks to all of you who crunched for our project, the BOINC team, and a special thanks to those who volunteered with us in many ways.

All the best,
29 Aug 2019, 13:44:30 UTC ยท Discuss

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Well at least the site is back and he made an announcement. Never could quite get my head around this project.


Yea thanks for the report DM,  yea wow that was sudden. 

The project looks to be still sending work units but all they are really is dummy placeholder WU's. The Stderr shows there not connecting to the main server so until it's back up no actual work can be sent. Also you can tell if there not running as they'll have 0% CPU usage.  So if anyone else is running this project at the moment unless you have CPU usage then those tasks are just wasting your computer's time.

Your right DM this has always been an odd project but it looked like it had some real potential to it. Err well from the little I understood of it at least.  ;)

LOL Then again I could say the same about quite a few other projects too. :rofl: